Use custom Terraform provider builds in your pipeline

Install golang and other tools in your build agent

Content of the .go-version file in the AzureRM repository
GoTool@0 Task in Azure DevOps to install golang in a specific version

Clone source code and build provider binaries

# define custom terraform azurerm provider repo and branch
# making sure that GOPATH is set
export GOPATH=~/go
# create and enter the required directories
mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
# git clone the source repository
git clone $SOURCE_REPO
Output of git clone
cd $GOPATH/src/ checkout $SOURCE_BRANCH
Output of git checkout
make build
Output of make build in Azure DevOps Pipeline

Use custom, local binaries with terraform

Content of the ~/.terraformrc file containing a dev_override for hashicorp/azurerm
echo "provider_installation {
dev_overrides {
\"hashicorp/azurerm\" = \"$GOPATH/bin\"
direct {}
}" > ~/.terraformrc
dev_overrides warning when using terraform cli



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